The Technology Headache Assessment

With your book purchase you will gain access to the assessment and receive a customized headache prescription and treatment plan from Dr. Werness. You can find the password to access the assessment on page 92 in your book. If you purchased the eBook, go to the chapter entitled 'The Werness Protocol and Online Assessment.'

Thomas Edison remarked that: "The doctor of the future will focus on the human FRAME, the cause and care of it." Your ability to maintain decent posture WILL: allow you to decrease the chance of developing debilitating headaches that can last a lifetime.

Dr. Werness began with a Headache Survey over twenty pages in length. This Assessment (now only 20 questions) effectively streamlines the most significant information Headache sufferers need to properly find answers. Although many “cross-over” symptoms exist between the main types of headaches (Migraine, Tension, Cluster etc.), the most helpful treatments and therapies often mirror patient symptoms. In this regard, the Assessment focuses on three criterium: Location symptoms of the headache, Duration symptoms of the headache and Trigger symptoms of the headache. Once the Assessment reveals the appropriate category for the Patient, the most helpful Treatment Plan is generated.

Online Assessment

Better posture will: help you perform at home and work with less pain and more energy while making you stronger in a technological world while most people run the risk of getting weaker and more symptomatic with each passing day. Many desk ridden workers eventually struggle to stay on the job due to the chronicity of symptoms related to poor posture.

Technology Headache and are designed to:

Poor Posture Causes

The Werness Protocol

Eight out of ten people will experience infrequent to chronic headaches at some point in their lives. That's BILLIONS of people! With the onset of today's technological world, poor posture is now a main cause of headaches and the chronicity of headaches once they begin. The Werness Protocol was developed over years of assessing and treating thousands of headache patients. The Protocol contains two elements: An Assessment and a Treatment Plan. The Assessment results allow sufferers to begin treatment that give the best results in the quickest amount of time.

Online Assessment

The Treatment Plan

The Treatment plans in The Werness Protocol are a comprehensive "how to" aimed at: Reducing the frequency and intensity of headaches, while strengthening the patient over time. What is included?

Posture Headache Breakthrough Topics/Strategies

  1. Revelation of brainstem involvement.
  2. Brainstem relaxation, detox and oxygenation protocol.
  3. Tea Bag treatment.
  4. Posture correction to avert Headache.
  5. Detoxing strategy for Headache.
  6. Dental relationship to oxygen/inflammation to brain.
  7. Chiropractic lift for brainstem.
  8. EMF's relationship to headache and strategy.
  9. Cross fiber massage for main stream headache care.
  10. Medication Overuse Headache mainstream and care.
  11. Nutrition relationship to specific headache protocols.
  12. New assessment protocol for headache diagnosis.
  13. 15 Second / 90-Day Rule

About Dr. Werness

Dr. Christian Werness is the Author of Technology Headache and a Chiropractor in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He holds an undergraduate degree in Science from Ithaca College in lthaca, New York and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Werness served as a treating Chiropractor for the Atlanta Falcons (NFL), and a team Chiropractor for the Atlanta Knights (IHL). He has treated thousands of headache sufferers in his over twenty plus years of private practice as well as being a chronic headache patient himself.

Dr. Werness has developed The Werness Protocol for Headache Management. The Protocol consists of an Assessment tool and a Plan tool to help patients better identify what symptoms are key and how to treat the headache itself. Dr. Werness served as a Physician volunteer at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill School of Medicine, in a research grant application regarding low back pain. He is married to the love of his life, Jill, has two children Kellan and Ford, and two furry kids, Simon the blind cat and Georgia the labradoodle.

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