The Fifteen Second / Ninety Day Rule

I have noticed an interesting phenomenon over the years. It actually has two pieces. One, as I documented in my book" My Posture Headache", EMF's (Electro Magnetic Fields) may be a major contributor to headache symptoms. Things like holding a cell phone can intensify pressure in the head (particularly if the phone is close to the head or if you have the phone "on and active many hours a day"). I ALWAYS use the speaker device when on the phone. Ear pieces can still project EMF's into the brain.

To test if you are sensitive to EMF's or other active fields, stand adjacent to a microwave when it is on for 15 seconds. I taught my kids to NEVER stand near a microwave, but I have had a number of patients complain of a headache or head pressure after getting lunch from a microwave or even standing/working near electric power lines outside. We should be convinced by now that all of these waves moving around us are a concern at the very least. Yet, I am not sure headache patients fully appreciate this danger. If you feel headache pressure or pain comes the same time everyday or whenever you stand near the microwave or exposed to direct sunlight. Consider that you may be on to something that your head is responding to. Test the area by standing in the area for 15 seconds. If symptoms arrive, you are onto waves/pressure/radiation or other invisible stressors that you should avoid.

The 90 day rule is important to best evaluate which treatments / tools are helping the patient resolve headache symptoms. In my experience, Posture correction is a NO BRAINER (no pun intended). This is work that EVERYONE should address PERIOD! Other recommendations from my protocol; nutrition, exercise, devices, mediation etc. should be implemented for a period of 90 days and should be introduced one therapy at a time before they can be judged as a success or not. If after 90 days, you do not feel the new technique or therapy is making a positive change, you should consider it unhelpful for your situation and move on to another therapy etc.